Custom woodworking and design
You know how the hearthstone medallion in the center kind of glows? How rad would it be if I could make that happen on this box? I think I'm going to go for it. I saw this at the hardware store, and was all over it. I took it apart and threw out all the extra bulk stuff around the light, But I may be able to incorporate this somehow.

I had a lot of birthdays this month and work surprisingly got busy this month so I had to take a quick break, but I'm back at it! I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I'm making this out of mostly solid oak and oak ply. I think it'll look pretty good once I get some stain on it among the many other things! The skeleton is almost complete. It's about time to get artistic and start routing out some design.

Frame is together. Time to let it dry. I'll be working on the bottom box portion next!

Today I started making the frame for the top of the Hearthstone Gaming Box. Yes, that's what I'm calling it now. What's tough is the way the frame comes to a point at the face of the box, I've never done anything quite like that and my router bits are not deep enough to make the angle I want. As a solution, I think I'm going to have to sand or shave down the material to achieve that more pointed look, since at the moment I'm thinking more structural than anything, I'm going to let this slide until a later date and get the frame glued together.

So I put my ideas on paper, which I really don't expect anyone to comprehend. I did it more for just the concept, and nothing to scale. Allow me to explain. And just to clarify, the nitty gritty of this project is, I'm making the wooden Hearthstone box, when the box is opened, the user will be able to fully control the PC or Tablet(depending on which route I take) with a touchscreen LCD. In brainstorming I've found I have two options to making this hearthstone gaming box.

Option 1, is to create the box and utilize a touchscreen laptop as the platform. However, using the laptop would require that I detach the screen from the base of the laptop and mount it to some sort of bezel(likely made of wood) and mount that flush with the top of the box. The keyboard portion of the laptop would "hide"(securely) inside the box. Power cable and usb port openings would have to be customized somewhere around the back of the box. However, in the case of a laptop a wireless USB dongle for a keyboard and mouse may eliminate the need for USB port access, but would still be nice to have.

Option 2, is to create the box and implement a tablet as the platform. Using the tablet would require a little less work in that I would likely not have to take it apart, and simply make a bezel that would allow it to sit flush with the opening of the box. Depending on the tablet, this option would likely a cheaper route, would not necessarily require a keyboard and mouse, require less work, and make the box lighter.

Another thing that comes to mind when looking at these two options are system requirements. Performance/Quality may be slightly less desirable on a tablet, and finding specification that are desirable may end up costing me more than going the laptop route. Windows 8 RT is not an option, only windows 8 pro tablets would be sufficient as hearthstone will not be available at release for the RT OS. The laptop is also nice in that it can still be fully utilized as a laptop with keyboard and mouse. I'm really somewhat torn, and think I may just do both.

In all honesty, with what's available to me now, I think I'm going with the laptop.

So say we all?
I decided to start this project for both my love of gaming and carpentry.  I feel like the Artists who designed the hearthstone "box" did an amazing job in creating something truly unique. As a weekend warrior carpenter, I could not help but pause the video after seeing the magic of hearthstone slam it shut. The thing is just so damn RAD.

I got to thinking, "I'm going to make that!". At first I thought I'd just try to replicate it, and use it as a neat little mantle storage box. But then I recalled a recent retro gaming cabinet I had just finished, and thought "I should make it a gaming Hearthstone Box!" How cool would that be? And so we begin. I am by no means an artist or a master carpenter, but I think I have the abilities to make this happen. Please follow me as I take on this mountain of a challenge, and hopefully produce something epic in quality. I'll keep you posted.