Custom woodworking and design
I sanded the star nice and smooth and got the second coat of spackle on the star to get it as level as possible. I can tell just in sanding the first coat, that it's going to look good(I hope!). So I'll be letting that dry today.

Next up was the star border.
The star will lay inside this circular border on top of the box. It's a bit rugged at the moment, but I'm hoping some sanding cleans this up.

Lastly was the map inside of the box.
Initially I thought I would use a wood burning pen to trace the map and fill it in with color. However, after seeing how nice the print alone looked laying flat I decided I would paste it straight to the box, however I still wood burned the edges and the mountains to give it some depth. I think it came out really good(see below). I still have a lot more detail to do here, including the corners of the map, color for the water, and more details that I've missed. But I wanted to get this part started at least.

Thanks for checking in.


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