Custom woodworking and design
Today I got a bit done on mounting the touchscreen. I secured the touchscreen to the wood face frame and I made a port for the "mickey mouse" plug on the back of the box. I also secured pegs around the charging block and let it dry for a bit, then screwed in a wood block above so it can be removed if need be. I'm thinking this will need to be changed at some point, as some of those charging bricks get pretty hot. I'm not familiar with this one in particular, so it's definitely something I'll need to monitor. 

I threw the touchscreen w/frame into the box to see how it sat, and it looks pretty good! I'll need to do a little bit of painting on the inside edges of the wood to hide the flat brown color.

I also printed out the border I "photochopped" and had some major issues with the printer.  I printed it out on several pieces of paper. I just put this rough copy on top of it to get an idea if I'd like it or not, and I really do! Lemme know what you think. However, now I need to take this to a large format print store and get it printed out to fit just right.

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