Custom woodworking and design
Today I got to gluing down the front ornamental pieces. Everything came out looking really good. However there's a gold border that continues around the circular center that just didn't make the cut. I'll be re making those pieces at another time.

I also got to adding more detail to the hearthstone center with some white, blue, and black paint. I also added another coat of blue to the inside of the dome light because I noticed too much white light coming through. It created a cool glow effect when the light is on. 

I also got the laptop in, and I'm pretty stoked. I installed Hearthstone on it and it seems to run it like a champion. Windows 8 was initially a hurdle, but once I googled a bit I was fine.

I've attached a video below of the box with the stone glow ON and the laptop running Hearthstone. Keep in mind the laptop is currently just sitting in the box. I have yet to make the bezel for it, which I plan on doing soon. I also need to get rolling on the metal hardware for the corners. I also got some other ideas for something that will make this piece truly unique that I'll post about later.

9/18/2013 08:08:11 pm

That looks amazing mate! Please keep it up <3

8/1/2016 03:37:40 am

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