Custom woodworking and design
I finally got some JB weld and started on the hardware. I hammered the hardware out as best as I could to get a nice curved look. I got the corners adhered with JB weld and once they dry, I'll go ahead and sand/paint them. It's been a bit slow this weekend, I took a couple days off the project to play some Hearthstone and League of Legends with some buddies. However, fear not, I should be wrapping it up in no time in the coming weeks. Take a look at how the box is looking with the "armor"(as my kids called it).


9/23/2013 09:17:36 am

The box turned out really well! Very cool idea.


9/26/2013 06:11:20 am

You should be proud, most kids don't even know the word "armor" much less what it looks like.


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