Custom woodworking and design
Today I got a good bit done. I took the masking off of the Hearthstone center and it looks pretty good. I still want to add some details to it, but I'm content with how it looks for now.

I added one more coat of stain on the entire box to get a nice full color. I also got to put on the hinges, which was a bit of a pain in the ass to get right, but once I did it was pretty awesome to be able to see the box open and close.  Take a look, I've attached a video below.

Tomorrow I hope to get to gluing down the pieces to the front  of the box and giving everything a once over before I commit. Additionally, the touchscreen laptop I ordered off ebay should be coming in tomorrow. It has windows 8 on it(Eww!), so I'll get to play with that as well. I also went to the hardware store and found some flashing that might work for the gold/brass corners of the box. If I get the time, I may try to chop some of it up to fit the box.

I apologize for the poor quality/kids screaming. Enjoy.
10/24/2013 01:40:48 am

Nice, an iPad version could make a few bucks

2/13/2014 11:17:45 pm

That is amazing work!


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