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The star has proven to be the hardest part yet. I needed to find a way to get the triangle points flush with the circular medallion center. The best tool for this would probably be a spindle sander, but unfortunately I don't have one! However I do have a belt sander!

So I improvised a device! A wooden mounting box for the belt sander that served as my sanding tool! It worked great, however I'd be wary to suggest this, as it was a bit sketchy. I would have much preferred the spindle sander for the safety factor alone. I got the triangles to sit flush enough with the center to start gluing. However I feel like I'll need to fill some gaps with putty or filler. Once I get gaps filled I can fine sand it to exactly where I want it. The filler won't be a problem, because I plan to paint the star to look more metallic anyway. 

Thanks for following.


Henrik Visby
9/10/2013 05:20:33 pm

Wow looks really damn awesome! Cant wait till I see the end result and what a nice improvised device however becareful using it ;P Guess it aint as safe as the spindle sander would have been.

I'll try follow it and see how it goes:)
In the main time could you maybe be so kind to let me get a key on "" while I wait for the next awesome update in this project?:)

Best regards Henrik Visby


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