Custom woodworking and design
So the project is getting close. I'm pretty excited with how the touchscreen border came out. The picture to the left is the border all put together. I need to coat it with something to give it a bit of a gloss and protect it. However I'm satisfied with where it is at for now. Check out the pictures below as well. 

A couple finishing touches I still need to do:
-Gloss finish to protect the border
-Hardware for border(so I can pull the laptop out of the box)
-Inspected By tags for the bottom of the box.
-Satin finish to protect wood surfaces
-Box for batteries, and on/off housing for light switch.

Angie Hawkins
10/31/2013 04:45:56 am

Steve: Really enjoy your updates. Please send your website address to Charles and Anthony and also Aunt Theresa.;;

BAUDET Vincent
1/19/2014 04:16:27 am

Can I have the external dimensions the box, the dimensions of the cover and the diameter of the circle in the center of the lid. If not even better plans if you have them. Thank you in advance.


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