Custom woodworking and design
One of the pictures that was sent to me from the lead artist of Hearthstone was the bottom of the Hearthstone box(see below). It had an interesting little detail on it I don't think I would have ever caught without the picture. There's an 'inspected by' sticker on the bottom that's signed by G. Mekkatorque with an empty field for a name, and a what appears to be a serial number.

To commemorate the Hearthstone core team of 15 I've Photoshopped the 'inspected by' tags and altered the "serial numbers"(or whatever they are), from 1 through 15; in hopes of possibly sending this off to them and having the tags signed. I plan on adhering these to the bottom of the box and keeping it unfinished(no sealer) until I can get them signed. I'd like to send the finished box so the team can give their signature of approval. I think it's what might make this piece truly unique, and a good way to finish out the project. At the moment that's a little ways away and I need to get rolling on a couple other things like the box hardware and mounting the touchscreen.


09/17/2013 6:28pm

That's pretty nice! I'm very happy with your work and if possible I'll get my hands on one. :)

Keep posting.

10/23/2013 11:16am

This is amazing work. The amount of love you put into this box shows. I hope you get all the signatures because this would just be awesome.


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