Custom woodworking and design
I went ahead and got the corner hardware cut out for the bottom of the box. I painted them thinking they would look ok just being a smooth metal, but to be honest it did not look crude enough for me. So I'm going to do the same thing I did with the other hardware and use the JB weld to give the hard some texture. Once that dries, I can go ahead and paint the hardware again and attach it to the box. For the most part this should finish it as far as the box goes. However I still need to find a solution for mounting the touchscreen. That will be worked on next.

It's been a while since I last updated. Had a few hold ups as the family got sick with strep throat and I took a bit of a break. However I got to the store today and got my final pieces of flashing for the rest of the hardware and wood for the touchscreen frame. Looking forward to showing you all a finished product. Thanks for sticking around! 
Hardware is glued on. Here's a closer look at the box as a whole. You can see some of the painting I did on the center a little better in this too. I went back and applied some texture randomly to the hardware to give it a crude look, overall came out really well I think. Next up are vents for the touchscreen and lower portion of the hardware.

I got the corner hardware painted and it looks pretty good. I'm excited to get these on the box once they dry.

I still have several things I need to get done on the box before its finished. The ornamental circular border, the mount for the touchscreen, additional hardware on the sides of the box, and the bottom of the box.

I've taken some time to play a few games in the Beta over the past couple of days and found I'm pretty terrible. Hopefully once I get this done I can hunker down and figure that out.

I finally got some JB weld and started on the hardware. I hammered the hardware out as best as I could to get a nice curved look. I got the corners adhered with JB weld and once they dry, I'll go ahead and sand/paint them. It's been a bit slow this weekend, I took a couple days off the project to play some Hearthstone and League of Legends with some buddies. However, fear not, I should be wrapping it up in no time in the coming weeks. Take a look at how the box is looking with the "armor"(as my kids called it).


Today I got to starting on the hardware. I got a hold of some tin snips and cut the pieces that will make up the corners. I'm going to put these pieces on a vice and hammer them flat with a ball end of a hammer to give them a sort of forged look. I  need to run to the store and grab some JB weld to adhere the pieces together. I'm not sure if solder will work, but I may give that a try too. Once I get them shaped and welded together, I'll paint them. Hopefully all goes well. I'll keep you posted!

One of the pictures that was sent to me from the lead artist of Hearthstone was the bottom of the Hearthstone box(see below). It had an interesting little detail on it I don't think I would have ever caught without the picture. There's an 'inspected by' sticker on the bottom that's signed by G. Mekkatorque with an empty field for a name, and a what appears to be a serial number.

To commemorate the Hearthstone core team of 15 I've Photoshopped the 'inspected by' tags and altered the "serial numbers"(or whatever they are), from 1 through 15; in hopes of possibly sending this off to them and having the tags signed. I plan on adhering these to the bottom of the box and keeping it unfinished(no sealer) until I can get them signed. I'd like to send the finished box so the team can give their signature of approval. I think it's what might make this piece truly unique, and a good way to finish out the project. At the moment that's a little ways away and I need to get rolling on a couple other things like the box hardware and mounting the touchscreen.

Today I got to gluing down the front ornamental pieces. Everything came out looking really good. However there's a gold border that continues around the circular center that just didn't make the cut. I'll be re making those pieces at another time.

I also got to adding more detail to the hearthstone center with some white, blue, and black paint. I also added another coat of blue to the inside of the dome light because I noticed too much white light coming through. It created a cool glow effect when the light is on. 

I also got the laptop in, and I'm pretty stoked. I installed Hearthstone on it and it seems to run it like a champion. Windows 8 was initially a hurdle, but once I googled a bit I was fine.

I've attached a video below of the box with the stone glow ON and the laptop running Hearthstone. Keep in mind the laptop is currently just sitting in the box. I have yet to make the bezel for it, which I plan on doing soon. I also need to get rolling on the metal hardware for the corners. I also got some other ideas for something that will make this piece truly unique that I'll post about later.

Today I got a good bit done. I took the masking off of the Hearthstone center and it looks pretty good. I still want to add some details to it, but I'm content with how it looks for now.

I added one more coat of stain on the entire box to get a nice full color. I also got to put on the hinges, which was a bit of a pain in the ass to get right, but once I did it was pretty awesome to be able to see the box open and close.  Take a look, I've attached a video below.

Tomorrow I hope to get to gluing down the pieces to the front  of the box and giving everything a once over before I commit. Additionally, the touchscreen laptop I ordered off ebay should be coming in tomorrow. It has windows 8 on it(Eww!), so I'll get to play with that as well. I also went to the hardware store and found some flashing that might work for the gold/brass corners of the box. If I get the time, I may try to chop some of it up to fit the box.

I apologize for the poor quality/kids screaming. Enjoy.
Got to masking and painting the Hearthstone center.