Custom woodworking and design
So today I decided to work on a few things. First thing I got to working on was the beveling of the ornamental parts of the box. I drew out a rough outline of where I wanted the bevel, and went at it with the router. Overall I think it came out pretty good! A few minor imperfections here and there that need to be cleaned up and sanded out, but the Hearthstone Box is a little crude in its design, so I think it'll play well. We want it to look a little worn. See the pictures below of what it looked like once I got it beveled and routed out. Once I get the box stained and looking nice I can glue these pieces down. Let me know what you think!

Moving along...

Next, I decided to work on getting the box to actually open! This was probably my favorite part of the day. First I used my table saw to get some nice straight lines to meet the edges of the center medallion. Once that was done, I had to use a drill with a very small drill bit to make a slot large enough to fit my jig saw blade into it, so I could make the circular curve cut. I took a lot of time ensuring I didn't mess this part up. The last thing I wanted to do was gouge the thing. It turned out pretty great I think. Next for the lid is some sanding, staining and hinges. More pics below!

And lastly...

I didn't get too far on the star yet. I believe this will be the most difficult aspect of the wood design. I'm at the point of routing out the wood frame for the dome-light, which is proving difficult with the thickness needed for the wood. I think it will end up being a slow and delicate process, as I want it to look really good. It is after all the focus point of the whole piece. See more pics below!

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