Custom woodworking and design
Long time no see, I know. However I recently found some time to make a new version of the box. It's still not where I want it to be. I need to add the outside ornamental pieces to the border, but this version will suffice for a current customer. Eventually I'll make one for myself.

Also for this particular box I found a clear resin and glow in the dark powder to mix together to create a glowing stone! See results below. 

I'll be signing off again for a good while, my job is taking me to a different state yet again. Hopefully I can settle quick and create some more cool art. I've got some other ideas brewing as well I'd love to bring to life. If you're interested in a box, Let me know and I'll keep in touch.


Julie Lynam
11/1/2015 05:07:00 am

Steve I must have this box!!! My son is a excellent player he is in a team at Ole Miss playing tournament. He is turning 21 December 4 give me amount to make him one!!


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