Custom woodworking and design
I decided to start this project for both my love of gaming and carpentry.  I feel like the Artists who designed the hearthstone "box" did an amazing job in creating something truly unique. As a weekend warrior carpenter, I could not help but pause the video after seeing the magic of hearthstone slam it shut. The thing is just so damn RAD.

I got to thinking, "I'm going to make that!". At first I thought I'd just try to replicate it, and use it as a neat little mantle storage box. But then I recalled a recent retro gaming cabinet I had just finished, and thought "I should make it a gaming Hearthstone Box!" How cool would that be? And so we begin. I am by no means an artist or a master carpenter, but I think I have the abilities to make this happen. Please follow me as I take on this mountain of a challenge, and hopefully produce something epic in quality. I'll keep you posted.


Patrick McGraw
9/6/2013 10:20:42 am

Come here from the Hearthstone forums. I love what you're doing!


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